Q. How long will it take for you to post my items?

A. Many of my pieces are made to order, and some are ‘ready to ship’. If they are ready to ship, I will include that info in the item description. If not, and I need to make your order, I endeavour to do so and get it into the post to you within 3-7 days. However, if your piece is urgent, please do contact me before ordering and I’ll let you know if I can juggle my orders to get yours to you sooner (I often can.)

Q. My wrist is bigger/smaller than the size of bangle/bracelet you have listed for sale. Can you make one to fit me?

A. Yes. If you aren’t a standard sized wrist, I will make you any bracelet/bangle to your measurements, just get in touch.

Q. I want something similar but a little different to what you make – can you do that for me?

A. Yes, I love creating bespoke pieces. If you have an idea for a piece of jewellery, get in contact with me and we’ll have a chat about just what you want.

Q. What metals do you use? 

A. I primarily use and prefer sterling silver , with a smattering of copper if the fancy takes me :) 

Q. The copper in my piece has patinated, what can I do?

A. Please refer to Jewellery Care in the main menu.

Q. What does Iceni Mean?

A. The Iceni (pronounced ‘eye-see-nee’) were a tribe of Celts who infamously revolted against the Romans under the leadership of Boudicca. I named my business Iceni because I have always been enthralled with Boudicca's story.