Meet the Designer

The Iceni Team :)

I’ve always been creative with a deep love of unusual jewellery and the natural world.

When I was very small I collected beads; I had a big old ice-cream box filled with them. My family would indulge my love, and I’d always raid my Nan’s jewellery box when I went to visit for her strings of beads she’d found in charity shops; they’d be de-strung in double-quick-time, and placed lovingly in my ice-cream box – my new ‘found’ treasure - Nan never grumbled! I’d sit cross legged and empty those beads out on the carpet, admire them all one by one, imagine all the things I'd create with them, and then place them back in the box gently as if they were fragile beings. My bead inspecting was a ritual!

Of course, age takes you to many places, I headed to London towards a corporate career, I worked hard but the city life just wasn't for me. By my early 30s, I’d left the rat-race, returned to my home, the Isle of Wight, surrounded by sea and forests - my happy place. I could create again!

My work is inspired by all things nature, it's wildlife and fauna. I get lost in fairytales and folklore and am never happier than when I disappear into the forests of the island and disconnect for a few hours. My love of the natural world reflects in the jewellery I produce.

I live on this beautiful island off the southern coast of England, with my husband and two dogs.

If you have any questions at all, please email me - I'll get back to you as soon as possible (normally within a few hours).