Iceni Tokyn Bracelet - Nine Lives
Iceni Tokyn Bracelet - Nine Lives
Iceni Tokyn Bracelet - Nine Lives
Iceni Tokyn Bracelet - Nine Lives
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Iceni Tokyn Bracelet - Nine Lives

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Iceni Tokyn Bracelet – Nine Lives

This is a medium weight sterling silver chain bracelet filled with nine organically formed discs celebrating all things woodland!

Made from sterling silver, each of the nine discs is hand cut from sterling silver sheet and shaped to create a little irregular circular tablet to lay the design on– the acorn, fox and oak leaf tokyns are topped with copper to create warmth within the collection. Each of the designs are painstakingly hand cut from sterling silver/copper with a jeweller’s saw and soldered together with silver to build the final piece.

Once soldered and shaped, I oxidise (age) each piece, and polish back the highlights, leaving darker areas – this gives the bracelet and the detail a beautiful depth.

The bracelet chain comes in three lengths:

Small: 7 inches

Medium: 7.5 inches

Large: 8 inches

Just choose what length you’d like from the drop-down menu.

Each disc is approximately 14mm (1.4cm) in diameter.

The chain is finished with a large sterling silver bolt clasp to keep all your tokyns safe!

This bracelet will come to you hallmarked, please allow 14-21 days for me to make and have your bracelet hallmarked and sent back to me.

Due to your bracelet being hand made, please be aware that there may be slight differences to the one pictured.

Comes boxed, ready to give, or keep just for you!

What the Tokyns are:

Moongazing hare, oak leaf, star, badger, labradorite stone, fox, tree, acorn and moon.

About Copper

I do not use any chemicals or seals when finishing my jewellery – any copper will, over time, develop its own patina. You can choose to leave it to develop its own rich colour, or wipe it over every now and again with a copper or silver cleaning cloth to maintain its shine.

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