Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet
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Single Rune Tokyn Bracelet

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The long awaited Rune Tokyns, cor it's taken some time this has. Thing is, I wanted to learn about them before I produced them, because I wanted to create something really meaningful. I have read reams and must note that these runes are created taking in several sources into account for meanings. These runes are made as Tokyns (my word for charms) as talismans. Rune reading in its entirety is a huge language and there is no way I could include all the very intricate details for each rune here. 

This tokyn bracelet with one rune of your choice (just choose from the drop down menu - there are pictures showing what each one means, and I shall list all the info below too :) ) 

There are 24 runes to choose from - these runes are from the Elder Futhark.

The full Tokyn Bracelet with your choice of 8 runes is available here.

and you can add to your collection whenever you like by ordering individual tokyns here:

Comes with a little info card to explain what the runes mean :) 

These runes are made from sterling silver, with a copper 'nugget' created by melting the copper and hammering. I then carve the rune symbol on the copper, which is then silver soldered to the tokyn and attached to a medium weight larger linked sterling silver charm bracelet.

Available in sizes as below:

Small: 7 inches

Medium: 7.5 inches

Large: 8 inches

Rune Size: Approximately 18mm

 Made to order - I aim to get your single rune tokyn bracelet in the post to you within 5-7 working days.

Available with a safety chain if you'd like - just add from the drop down menu.

Comes boxed, and with a jewellery cloth - to gift or keep just for you. 

**About Iceni Copper** I use an aging process with the copper in my creations. I do not use chemicals or other nasties to coat the metal - therefore, Iceni copper will age and develop its own patina over time.  To retain its shine, use a jewellery cloth every now and again, concentrating on the high areas, leaving the low areas to retain keep detail. 


Iceni Rune Meanings:

Algiz – Elk

One of the most loved runes, a protection rune – for self, those you love, pets – sometimes the symbol is carved into dog tags.

Ansuz – Estuary

Wisdom, communication and understanding.

Berkana – Birch Tree

Healing, regeneration, beginnings, birth of new ideas. Nurturing and caring.

Dagaz – Dawn.

Awakening, illumination. Balance. Light at the end of the tunnel.

Ehwaz – Horse.

Loyalty, trust, faith and companionship. Motion. Travel for pleasure.

Eihwaz – Yew Tree.

Tree of Life. Magic.

Fehu – Livestock

Abundance, wealth, success, security.

Gebo – Gift

Offering, generosity, equality, partnership, relationship.

Hagalaz – Hail.

Grit and determination, overcoming obstacles, disruption, change, delay.

Ingwaz – Seed.

Growth, the beginning of something, fertilization, common sense.

Isa - Ice.

Introspection. Time to stop. Stillness. Gather thoughts to get through challenges.

Jera - The Year.

Cycle, completion, changes, harvest, reaping rewards.

Kenaz - Torch.

Vision, creativity, knowledge, improvement, enlightenment.

Laguz – Water/lake/ocean/sea.

Intuition, flow of emotions, dreams, hopes, fears coming in waves.

Mannaz – Humanity/Mankind.

The rune of all humankind. Your value within the community, friendship, partnerships, sharing with people, helping.

Nauthiz - Need.

Self reliance. Willpower. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

Othala - Inheritance.

Ancestors, heritage, family, home.

Perthro. - A dice cup.

Fate, chance, secrets, mystery.

Raidho – Wagon.

 Movement, travel, spontaneity, decisions, rhythm. Journey.

Sowilo – The Sun.

Wholeness, success, life force, energy, victory.

Thurisaz – Thorn.

Change, catharsis. Defense. Maybe disruption, but also protection throughout.

Tiwaz. The God Tyr.

Responsibility, honour, leadership, duty, justice and discipline.

Uruz – Bull.

Strength of will. Tenacity. Courage. Freedom.

Wunjo - Joy.

Pleasure, harmony, reward, success, peace.

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