The end of January...and I'm not sad about it!

I can see it, can you?

The light at the end of January. Ooh it’s been a bit of a tinker has January.

As someone who really celebrates the turning of nature’s wheel, I very rarely have a blue January. I love new starts and new projects and put a lot of effort in to trying to make them a reality to avoid the post-Christmas jitters.

This January though! Good grief, this January should blimmin’ well put itself on the naughty-step and have a good think about what it’s done!

This is my Brigid print, she's smithing just like me ;) it'll make sense a bit further down.

Of course it started with the knowledge that the Australian fires were just not going to stop. I know this horror affected so many people deeply, not just me. That feeling of being utterly hopeless and helpless was just awful wasn’t it? and in the grand scheme of things, none of the (relatively) minor things that have happened to me this month even touch the devastation of those fires. But the minor things were all niggly little rotters, the kind that needle you over and over and make you a bit sore:

Like my car completely packing up on me, and Mumma Iceni face-planting the ground making her precious face look like she’d done several rounds with Rocky…when he’s really annoyed. Thankfully she’s OK, she’s tough as old boots my Mumma, but that window of panic I had when I saw her all bruised and hurting and internally screamed “Oh my god what would I ever do without her?” was particularly distressing and I’m totally blaming January for it!

But we’re nearly there aren’t we! February is peeking its handsome little face around the corner and pretty soon after we’ll be covered in crocus and daffodils and we can lock away our big coats and dig out our flip-flops – hurrah! I’m also booking Summer shows to take my jewellery to and my little brain is working on new projects based on what you lovely people have suggested to me through the Iceni Jewellery Facebook page. It’s all go here ;)

February 1st is an important day for me. It is Brigid’s day, Imbolc (or St. Brigid if you prefer). I’m not a religious person, but I do have faith, lots of it - and everything I do, I do it with a little nod to Brigid – she’s like my spiritual big sister guiding me on my way, and I've looked to her more than a few times this month!

So on Brigid’s Day, I will kiss goodbye to January. I will thank it for the lessons it has taught me, but I might boot it a bit on the bum as it walks out - just to make sure it’s properly gone!

From now until 1st February there is a 15% discount on all my jewellery on my website Just use the code Brigid20 at checkout and it’ll do all the maths for you.

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