Tru - a sigil fit for a Queen

I'm no Royalist (if i've read that once ive read it a thousand times this past 24 hours), but by crikey I know a phenomenal woman when I see one. 

I named my little business here with a nod to another strong woman - of course Boudicca, Royalist or not, I can't help but admire strong women who walk their talk.
I had set aside today to make my new kelpie design, but after yesterday's news I was struck with a sad like I hadn't ever imagined I would feel at such news. Mumma Iceni really loved the Queen - at the age of 17, when she joined the Royal Navy, she pledged her life to serve the monarch, a vow that has a remained throught Mum's life. Even now, in her 70s (sorry Mum!) If she were called to serve, Mumma Iceni would be there with bells on. So yesterday's news hit Mumma hard, not only because of her vow, and how seriously she took that, but as she's the end of era. "They're all going." she said with tears in her eyes, which made the sad cut so much deeper. 
I hadn't planned to, but as I was doodling whilst watching tributes to the queen flood in online this morning, I decided to make a sigil, (a symbol) to encapsulate all of the things the Queen, my Mumma and so many other strong women posess.
Entirely unintentionally the sigil looks as though it is made up with two 'e's' - fitting for its inspiration being Elizabeth! But also, when all put together, the whole symbol looked like a stylised Q! (Queen) and, when turned one way, it looked like a heart, and again another way, it look like a rose. 
I really liked how it came out as I drew it.
So, I made it in silver!
I've called this piece Tru. It is a nod to our late queen, to her virtues, it's a nod to women like my Mum, who is my Queen, who through even the stormiest of storms remains a phenomenal person . I'm hoping it will be the first of many Iceni sigils and it literally means: love, loyalty, dedication and inspiration. I hope you like it. 

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